sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2007

New Order - será que acabou mesmo?

Matéria da New Musical Express:

New Order split up - this time for good?

Peter Hook says the band definitely are no more

New Order have split up, according to bassist Peter Hook.

As previously reported the band denied they were splitting earlier this year despite drummer Stephen Morris being quoted as saying: "We should stop for a while."

Speaking about his involvement in Perry Farrell's Satellite Party, Peter Hook told Xfm that the band have broken up.

He said: "I spoke to Perry, and he asked me to play bass, as he'd heard about New Order splitting up. Well yeah, me and Bernard (Sumner) aren't working together."

When asked if the split was permanent, he added: "Bernard went off for a break with Electronic, but that was different. But it's like the boy who cried wolf this time."
Considerando o histórico do NO, nunca dá pra acreditar 100% nessas notícias. E o Hook estará no Brasil este mês, como DJ em festivais em Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis e São Paulo.

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